1.first post!


yeay, finally am blogging again.. i’ve been browsing blogs from all around the world from link to another. It drive me crazy cuz i still can manage my own blog – the place i can share with all the bloggers about the creative industry. Wether its CRAFT // GRAPHIC // HANDMADE // SEWING etc, please..please share it with meI’d like to start this blog to share with u guys about this cool website. FINETUNES.

Quoted from poppy seeds

“For those of you who use your computer to listen to music in your bedroom or office, this program allows you to listen to full length songs from a variety of artists and make your own playlists, or allow Finetunes to queue up other artists based on your favorites and create a personalized streaming radio station for you. If you don’t want to leave your browser open in order to use it, they also have a desktop application you can download for easy tabbed access to all your playlists and favorites.”

to poppy seeds, if u read this, thanks for the info! muahhss


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