5.Eye on Nature – Photo Exhibition

Alhamdulillah, everything went well for this exhibition eventho’ there’s lots of obstacles came between us. We received positive responds from our Fac’s Dean. Credits to Pn.Mila -our coordinator for this subject- on the tagline of this exhibition. I did the design and the rest of the team elaborated it. Such a joyful moments when our Dean supported our works. =]


2 thoughts on “5.Eye on Nature – Photo Exhibition

  1. hehee..ape aku nak komen agaknyer ehh..psl exhibition it’s truly ow some..hehe..klu slh ko tlng btulkan ehh..yer betul sronok jumpe bdk2 lain yang sbenarnye ada tp tak pernah nmpk sblum nie..yg penting da settle in good way..credits to all of us coz give good cooperation..n last but not least best of luck!!

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