Shuzanna sew super-cutey-clothes



This logo i made for Shuzanna – ami’s pal. She’s in a fashion industry and still studying in a private college in KL. Glad that she likes it. Actually this is my typography work. My lecturer wanted us to redesign any unestablished company logo. But actually Shuzanna dun have her own logo, so here i proposed this logo for her. The label actually named – zushzush, but i received her feedback a bit late and i tot she used her own name for the label. sori shuz~ I’ll construct a new one for u this holiday aite! =]

“Zush Zush is a one-woman very independant clothing line created in early 2007. It was an accidental project which happened when Zush Zush made more clothes than her wardrobe could fit, and decided to sell them off online and through friends of friends of friends. Zush Zush was invited to participate and sell her clothes at a more public event during the Figure Eight Junk Event mid June 2007, but pulled herself out due to some unforeseen circumstances. She sells from home.

Zush Zush is created by nineteen year old fashion student, Shuz M Noor, who attends an obscure fashion academy in Bukit Bintang. She is personally influenced by bold designers like Jean Pierre Braganza, Gareth Pugh, Jun Takahashi, Aitor Throup, Eley Kishimoto and Raf Simons; but the designs for her clothing line is mostly inspired by her wanting to wear something but not being able to find them in stores and/or can’t afford them.”


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