11.good grief~ everythin' went well

aite. I just got back from my kampung. My lil’ sister is goin’ to sit for her SPM this Monday, so all of us went back to wish and give more encourage for her to face the examination. Seems like she’s totally ready for this big thing. All the best adik!

So here is the post that i owed. This is the final design for a task – Identity Corporate- I did with my other 3 mates in one group. Actually our tutor want us to REdesign any unestablished company logo, but after doing a few researches I decided to create a new logo for T/L/D/M. Our gov has already bought 2 S/C/O/R/P/E/N/E submarines to stay ahead with the modern technology in maritim.

I can’t reveal the 100% logo until this 1st Jan 2008 because one of the main reason I did this design, is to enter the competition held by the T/L/D/M. Owh, am glad that everything was ok on the assessment day. =] yuppo!


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