23.not your typical beauty pageant movie

yea, maybe am so outdated. huhu. this movie was release last year but I only got the chance to watch this last month. ngee… But hey, this movie is so much worthy to watch. I was recently starting to collect movies that similar to Amelie, Good Will Hunting etc. Sometimes other peoples thinks that this kind of movies are boring. When my peeps ask me to lend some of my movies I refuse to share because I don’t want to be blame on giving them ‘boring’ films to watch. serious!

I’d rather keep it to myself and share it only with the peoples who appreciate it. huhu. Btw, if u guys still didn’t see this movie I am 100% fully recommend you. puh-leez. owh, i luv the part when olive knew she won the selected beauty pageant to held in california. [ I WON! I WON! ] Another thing that I like about this movie is the cinematography itself. It’s different from the other and I can see it has the similarity with our local film – Mukhsin { Yasmin Ahmad movies }. So please watch and share the experience with me .


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