the way i spend my holidays

Opah called early in the morning and ask my mother to drop by a while at kampong. She thought that opah need help to clean up her house [ at the moment is under construction ], but my mom got stuff to do at kebun with abah and I went back alone to see opah. Actually opah got stomach ache and she need to go to the clinic. This is opah and nenek sitting together on the swing.

Kadang-kadang opah & nenek ni romantik jugak =)

“Alah, nenek iko lah, lobih golak dari si Apik” – opah mengomel bile nenek gelak tengok kartun lebih-lebih.

Last Wednesday I accompaneid my mom to her office. She wanted me to copy the pictures from the school’s camera and here I digged a few of the pics to be put here.

and suddenly I remember my own childhood years..can u spot me?


3 thoughts on “the way i spend my holidays

  1. to kulampairan – opah pompuan, nenek Rawa panggil cenggini. huhu

    to asas – alalaa..dulu kan sepesen je rambut kedepan.pandai la ko teka..haah, yang comel polka dots tu…baju peberet aku tuh! theeehehe

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