41.Inspiration is everywhere

I watched a documentary about Ralph Lauren cars collection just now and I felt so inspired by him. In every designer’s, inspiration is a key to a successful art piece. Ralph Lauren, a well-known fashion designer always get inspired for his fashion design from the beauty of his car collection. The cars that he collects are not just cars, but a moving sculptures. To name a few are Bugatti, Alfa Romeo and Bentley.


Talking about inspirations, I also can easily get inspired by my surroundings. It can be stuff from the kitchen to the street that I walked in. Being a designer makes me realize that inspirations is an important thing to lived by.

I bought this book 5 months ago and it helps me to be observant and get more detail in everything that I see, hear, touch and feel.

So I made my own cut-paste inspiration scrap book. Still learning and still keep on adding stuff inside. I really enjoy doing this because I can no longer clutter my room with the mess that I collect. =]




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