42.Ethanol or gas?

yesterday I learned about ETHANOL fuel from Martha Stewart.

From Yahoo Auto – Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is a clean burning fuel typically produced from corn, although other grains like wheat or barley can also be used. Besides its advantages as a renewable and domestically available biofuel, ethanol combustion in engines also results in modest reductions of harmful hydrocarbon and benzene emissions, as well as reduced carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

One constestant frm Iowa had win a Chevrolet [ I dun remember the model of the car ] that can use Ethonal fuel. It’s good to learn that the Chevrolet company has the idea of producing cars that support the environment. I wish I can use this car someday. I am not sure wether Malaysia provide Ethanol fuel for the citizens cars cuz I myself still dun own any car yet.

That’s all for today. save the environment, save the world !


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