67.Dinner @ Garden Deli, Tanjung Malim!

After Isya’ we  had our dinner at Garden Deli. Never been here before and after wandering around not knowing where to eat, I guess this is the best selection for today. Let’s see wether it’s worth it or not.

I ordered Laksa [ my favourite ] cuz I don’t want to eat something with rice and I think it’s worthy to pay Rm3.30 for a big bowl of yummeh Laksa!

..and a cup of latte always makes me happy!

My 4 other friends ordered nasi ayam Hainan, Nasi Ayam Panggang, Chicken Porridge and Wonton Soup. Over all conclusion we suggest u guys to have a try at Garden Deli whenever you’re in Tanjung Malim.. =)

that’s all folks! Imitating Radix ad :” Kopi sechewan!” theehehehe….


5 thoughts on “67.Dinner @ Garden Deli, Tanjung Malim!

  1. The food there is good and some are delicious with a low price. But FYI, the waitress at this restaurant is not as good as what they should be.. i can say that they are a kind of rude people and doesn’t respect customer at all.. there are many time I have been there, but sadly none of the waitress can give a sweet smile or maybe just a smile to the customer. I and my friends also already feel the things that we should not feel as a customer.. but i don’t wanna talk about it..hope they can behave their behavior.. and be more polite.

  2. yeah i agree with ur statement. all of the waitress acts the same way each time i dine there. Maybe after this we have to jote down something in their comment box at the counter to make them realize on how to attend customer.right? 😉

  3. you should try Easy Corner at Taman Bahtera, better service and food is nice there…they have yong chow fried rice which is very tasty and chicken chop there also nice…at reasonable price you get good portion of fries or rice. At Easy Cafe also just recently changed their menu, added more items. A bit more pricey but good food…

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