78.Awesome mee bandung from Muar

I’m fasting today yet I’m posting this “makan-makan” entry. huhu. Here I was at Muar attending Kak Cik’s friends’ wedding cum assistant photographer on that day. After the ceremony we dropped by at the Mee Bandung Muar Restaurant to try the famous Mee Bandung. It’s really delicious I tell you…. Gonna come again someday!

Mee Sup ni saya punye..ngehehee…esok Hari Asyura. Jangan lupe pose tau. =]


2 thoughts on “78.Awesome mee bandung from Muar

  1. aiyyoh, totally can’t direct u the exact location cuz am not a johorian..but if am not mistaken it’s located nearby SM sains muar..deret kedai tepi jalan ke jambatan muar.. sorry, tak sure sgt.. =)

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