111.reminds me of my old crib

111. that is the number of my home that I lived during my childhood years. So many memories left there but still kept in my heart. always.. yeah, I often gets bored of my blog theme, so forgive me for being volatile in using templates. huhu. Today I feel exhausted, sleepy, damn hungry and I missing someone. My CE tutor has been aiming me and I have my own nickname in that class – The Environmentalist Woman. But I guess she’s environmentalist too. Yeah, welcome to the club.

To prove that I’m an environmentalist , below is what I found while browsing just now

Using a concept that mix both environmental and green design. Reminds me of the ferns at Fraser’s Hill last semester. Very soothe to the eye design. Hopefully it is as comfortable as it looks.

‘swirly and twitchty mode’

currently listening to { Miley Cyrus / See you again — so not 24 years old 😮 }


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