115.Ambigram by Awang Purba

This is an ambigram design created by Awang Purba.He creates custom arabic calligraphy for his clients wether to use it on wedding cards, company logo, tees etc. Feel free to contact him if you’re interested. =]


7 thoughts on “115.Ambigram by Awang Purba

  1. hi, a little clarification: an ‘ambigram’ is an artform where a word could be read from two different perspectives. you could google the term for more info.

    awangpurba’s works – and we know him personally – such as shown above, are Arabic calligraphy pieces or ‘khat’. he does design ambigrams though, excellent ones we must add, and these could be seen on his blog.

    salam (peace)

  2. hey my brother the calligraphy is beautifull,
    could u please do one with Khaled Fathalla.
    I want to tattoo it on my arm because he’s dead soo please doo reply.

  3. can you do one of “i believe” i want to get it as a tattoo but im not gifted enough to create it. pls email me

  4. hi! your art its AWESOME! Im crazy to the
    “carpe diem sine metu” would you do it for me? please !! thanks !

    rock and roll from México

  5. Sdr Awang Purba, salam
    Beautiful caligraphy, May I use the last sample above in my invitation card? Pls let me know if there is any charges.

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