128. Dreams of flying series by jan von holleben

“At the age of 13 he followed his father’s photographic career by picking up a camera and experimenting with all sorts of ‘magical’ tricks, constantly developing his photographic skills with friends and family”

via his portfolio here

The Peter Pan

The Diver

The Jumpers

The Tarzan & Jan

The Superman

I found that this kind of Photography is very imaginative and beyond our daily snaps. Of all the photographer’s wannabe [ including me ] we are always stuck with plagiarism. Wether it’s accidentally or not but I understand that we’re all still in learning process. But this photography artwork from jan von holleben open my eyes about the many types of photography skills that we can try and generate our own ideas.

During my visited to any art events around KL, the numbers of photographer’s wannabe are growing. I understand that they’re trying to fit in the hype of art scene but sometimes it is out of way. The smell of their BO, the miserable hairs, dressing like they think it’s cool with dslr on each of them doesn’t mean that they’re artsy enough. I hope they learn that to be in art scene doesn’t mean that you have to be acting like cool-slouchy-confused human. No offense, but this is just an opinion.


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