178.Amazing Paper Sculpture

All of this amazing paper sculpture  was made by Jen Stark and I wonder how patient she is while doing this paper construction. Blimey

Coriolis Effect

Point of Exposure

Primaries: Yellow



2 thoughts on “178.Amazing Paper Sculpture

  1. I think your paper scuptures are awesome! I am an elementary (5th and 6th grade) art teacher and I would love to do a project with my students (or some variation) but I am not sure I understand the process. Would you consider sending me an explanation of how you cut the stacks pf paper and kept it all together? I will happily give you full credit and would like to do a short bio on you for the students (I like to teach them about modern day artists). Thanks, Mary Kay

  2. hye mary kay, am not the creator of this paper sculpture. If u read above it is from Jen Stark, and you can proceed to the link above for more info.aite 😉

    gud luck for ur art class! innovative teacher!

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