188.What else can you do with LEGO?

aaaaaaa….this man must be crazeeeee….. [ in a jealous mode.. huhu ] and patient too!! His LEGO ART are all an amazing-must-see! This is not me who did all this LEGO sculpture. All this amazing sculpture was built by Nathan Sawaya. All credit goes to him!


12 thoughts on “188.What else can you do with LEGO?

  1. hye jacquey, yeah sort of when am in high school. but now am concentrating in visual arts~ but still arch is still somethin’ that I adore!


  2. how long it took you to finish the top image-the one with houses/buildings and a hand??
    and how much did you actaully spend for all those legos?? gosh!.. u must’ve been an addict(in a positive sense of course c:)
    do you have other images of that-in different angles….that’s so fantastic I want to see every detail of it..
    can you post diff. angles too??
    pls.. .^-^.

  3. urgh jacquey,
    i tot, I’ve mention the name of the builder of this sculpture above.huhu.. This is not me who did all this lego stuff, it’s the man above, there’s a link for u to click…

    thanks for visiting btw~

  4. Hello, I’m doing a school project. It would be great if you commented again on this page so I could interview you either by email or phone, So thanks.

  5. dear cameron, again i have to mention here, this is not my sculpture. It’s just for inspiration for me and for us to see. Click on the link above for more info oraite~ thanks for visiting nway.

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  7. It’s wonderfull.
    I love lego, i’m grow with lego, and i like it.
    You’re incredible, i don’t know who you can do that.
    Have you ever seen KREATON, you can use that and lighting any sculpure you create.
    Bye bye, great man.

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