200. Twin of Sia – Yuna made in Malaysia!

from yuna myspace pics album

I just recently knew about this girl – YUNA- today from hafreze and after listening to her songs I quickly-instant-favourite her! I love this kinda style where you can hear the song while lying under the shady tree or sumthin’ , it’s like having our precious moment with a songs on the background – what on earth I’m babbling now?- huhu. plus I signed up again in myspace just to view her piccas. LOL. hey Yuna, if you read this just wanna let you know that your songs are all mabeles babe!! nak pegi KLpac pliss!! ( dah lepas punnn ), but according to KLpac schedule there’ll be another 3 gigs after this. meet me there!

Quoted : “Best listened when you’re lying on grass in a quiet afternoon, your toes in the sand facing the ocean, or when you’re in the car watching trees go by.”

hey, try dengar ‘after midnight’ at her myspace! awesome!! Support her- sincerely from feminist cecima

urm..thinking of designing her cd pack for my final packaging…bole tak yuna?


5 thoughts on “200. Twin of Sia – Yuna made in Malaysia!

  1. yup2..cik payung i heard about her thru my fren, lame tak dgr lagu dia..cam lamaaaaaa sangat senyap.. i mean i am the person yang tak selalu update ngan indie performers..huhu..

    nway thanks for dropping by anis!

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