206.Take the pledge – EARTH HOUR 2008


Set your reminder. Listen to this song below and humming with it tonight. This song remind me of the global warming happens nowadays and making me realize that my planet is already senile. 😦

poster via earth hour.


2 thoughts on “206.Take the pledge – EARTH HOUR 2008

  1. I’ve tried to make all my roommates do the earth hour thing, but there all left the house when it was almost time to turn everything off. So we were just 2 people at home. It was quite fun actually; candles, silence… and Scrabble. I don’t know any other of my friends who did it… Sad

  2. hey, it’s good to know u and ur fren taking the pledge. my housemates didn’t even bother because all of them are busy doin’ asgt while I myself take 5hours nap on the 8pm.huhu.. i wish i can be there with you guys..lighting candles..playing scrabbles…huhu

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