Advertising I final submission.

Hello.. So here is my final assignment for advertising I this semester. This is the follow-up for the logo that we did before. We have to design our own label for the product that we chose. My group were focusing on jam labelling and the name of our brand is – Yummy & Such. My design is more to simplicity concept with white background and limitation on color scheme. Please comment if you have free time. 🙂

Above is the picture of us during the final project submission. Cik Nur Izzati is on the left wearing orange baju kurung. She is now 26 years old, just 2 years above me ( macam kakak je. huhu ). To cik Ejat : ” Stay lah sini..jangan pegi mana-mana…huhu”

The above picture was edited referring to this tutorial.


4 thoughts on “Advertising I final submission.

  1. kak anis – hehe..cubit kak fizah sikit.. 😉

    cgim- tu la ko..asik g teater, dah takde dlm gambo..huhu

    cik ejat – heyya cik ejat…sampai pun sini akhirnye..huhu 🙂

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