Moodadih packaging

Hullo.. So this is my dadih ( milk pudding ) packaging that I promised to show. The dadih are put into the take away packaging and from outside the bottom of the dadih represent the cow’s leg. huhu.. My lecturer helped me to develop the idea from the sketches that I did.

Here in Malaysia the dadih industry is still not been commercialized by any big company. Dadih can only be seen at the pasar malam ( night market ). So the packaging of this dadih are only stuck in the basic plastic container.

If you wish to view the media script of this project kindly just ask me okay.

After a while I redesign the packaging into something like this

*ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not copy or distribute this logo without my permission


14 thoughts on “Moodadih packaging

  1. Kite berminat sgt kalau nak commercialize produk2 dadih nih. your design looks very professional. kalau nak commercialize, kite nak masukkan modal jugak. boleh contact email kite: s h u h a i m i @ g m a i l . c o m

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