232.CD / DVD packaging?

Currently am thinking on designing CD / DVD packaging for local artis or film. Still stuck on choosing the right person /film that suitable to my design. My lecturer suggest to design P.Ramlee or Upin & Ipin Animation. Yang mana satu pilihan kalbu? Duh, help me puh-leez……


5 thoughts on “232.CD / DVD packaging?

  1. sis..i was thinking ‘Lat’ the cartoonist’s work. huhu..kinda interesting tp ‘local artist or film’ showbizz ehh..mcm x relates plk. 😉

  2. eh artist for arts pun bleh gak..tu laa..ima pun takde lak terpikir dato’ Lat. exciting gak tuh..urm…ala..tp da syiok wat Atilia.. thanks for took the time to think about this asgt..huhu..suke je nak kasi kak yana pening sama.. =p

    nnt da siap atilia repackaging ima post sini n komen tau


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