237.I'm in!

Already lying on the bed but still can’t close my eyes. Start on my laptop again n here I am. huhu.. Ni mesti penangan Ipoh White Iced Coffee tadi ni. haih.. Anyhoo.. I’m taking the swap challenge together with fellow artsy bloggers. Details can be reach here @ manggis. Yeay, very worth bloghopping today! I already have 5 lovely crafty malaysian frens. =) Keep in touch!

for that someone – all the best for tomorrow aite~


2 thoughts on “237.I'm in!

  1. alo cecima, great that you have decided to join the Malaysia ATC. Kira okay jugak – versi malaysia ni. Sekurang-kurangnya dapat juga bertukar-tukar hasil kerja sesama kita… orait, later yer, gonna do my first ATC tonite.. hehe

  2. yup2..pretty excited actually eventho’ tak pandai pun lukih manually..haih.takpe..i’ll take the pledge! chaiyyook!!

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