241.Handmade cloth pads

Don’t believe me? huhu. I was so glad to find about this handmade cloth pad. Yeah, I guess some of you thinks that this is a bit yucky or unacceptable, but actually by practicing this you are part of the peoples on this world that reducing the trash percentage. So at the same time you’re one of the earth saviour! huhu.. Hey, give it a try and maybe after a period of time you’ll realize that you actually saving your money from buying pads too!

via burdastyle / more tutorial here


5 thoughts on “241.Handmade cloth pads

  1. xpi zaman dulu2 org pakai mcm ni la…atuk aku ckp..just cuci je …zaman skrg kene buang2 so mesti bertimbun byk kan kat tmpt pelupusan smph….hehehehe

  2. hihi…am t’igt lak ms memula dtg period dlu
    umi pksa pkai kain perca
    kinda like dis
    giler x selesa..
    pas2 bile time nk tukar..
    cm urgh….malasnyer!!

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