244.That ain’t etch a sketch, homeskillet

uuuuuuuu….. it’s a BRILLIANT movie I ever watched other than Amelie!! Am totally happy to have a chance to watch JUNO. Last post when I wrote a review about Juno actually I don’t watch it yet. huhu.. I just felt so touched only to see the trailer. yeeesshhh. and after watching this for myself I am a proud owner of this film. huhu. I was touched to see Jennifer Garner’s of saying that she is born to be a mom. The nerdness of Bleeker is just soo soo sweet and I am happy to know Juno is after all feeling the way as he did. yeay…

You know, the excitement feels of being a mom is naturally comes from ourself as a women. Wether we realize it or not it comes ..just naturally. And I myself starting to feel that way. ( am I ? ) Yes, 104% sure. huhu. Ellen Page is very cute and a natural talented actress in Juno. I wish I am as stronger as Juno in terms of delivering the baby. hihi. Owh the poster is daymn brilliant!

Visit Juno myspace here and enjoy sending mixtape of Juno’s OST here. weeeee. You better watch this movie and share the beautiful of this movie with me. please. 😉

“I’m sticking with you, cuz I’m made out of glue”

I’m a big no-no to gory / horror movies. Please avoid them. Just stick to this kinda films like Juno because it can makes you happy  and smile rather than feeling scared if you’re watching some kind of movie like ‘Apocalypto’ – accidentally watched. huhu. Yes I’m a coward kinda lady. 😉


3 thoughts on “244.That ain’t etch a sketch, homeskillet

  1. There’s a big hype in the US about this movie, (hence the myspace) no doubt that it’s a beautiful movie, but personally, it’s just a bit OTT. I’m no movie critic but people are just being a tad too dramatic about it. You know, I think it’s okay to love the movie (like you), but being obsessed (like the Americans) isn’t.

    Americans love to melebih lebih.

    I is Anti Dramatized Americans. LOL.

  2. huhu.. can you elaborate the ‘melebih-lebih’?
    yup2.. I just love how the movie sending us the moral values. stuff that make us know deeper of who we are to your friends, family and neighbourhood.. and the main thing is this movie made me smiles and a wee bit teary eyes..hihi.

    are u staying in US rite now?

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