253.for L2 speakers.

Awesome ideas! huhu.. Now we should think back wether our english is good enough to talk with the L1 peoples. This advert is suitable to be spread all over the varsity to remind ourself of our english speaking skills. English nowadays is important for all of us to master in order to compete ourself in this global world. I’m still trying to improve myself and this is one of the reason I blog in english. I hope day by day, by practicing blogging in english I’ll improve more. insyaALLAH.

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15 thoughts on “253.for L2 speakers.

  1. if u ask me, then i’d say yes. huhu… when I write, new words that I learned sometimes will be used when i communicate. am i rite?

  2. lekays – yeah yeah. i knew bout that , alaaa..kite ni amik minor je.tak berapa pakar lagi.cikgu ni..soalan…power betul..huhu

    manggis – hehe. I think the middle one is cute, for me. hihi

  3. LOL funny adverts.

    You will need a combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening. And personally, writing does improve speaking. Provided that you practice speaking what you’re learning aloud. Use the words/terminologies that you write, there’s nothing wrong with mispronunciations. People will correct you. I’m used at being laughed at for constant pronunciation errors btw. At least I know how to pronounce them now 😀

    Anyway, the reason why I started blogging was to improve my English usage. Now, I only blog to bitch. Haha! (and for the sake of English language too la kan, kadang kadang). And plus, most of my primary audiences are English-literate, blogging in English doesn’t hinder them to appreciate what I’d intend to convey (also because it’s tiring to translate word by word to my bf, haha)

    But one advice, communicate in English more. Belasah la pronunciation salah ke tak.

    Mari kita belajar bahasa Inggeris bersama-sama!

    p/s: You tak dengar I cakap English lagi, berhabuk dengan slang, konon konon mat salleh. I suka perasan sikit. LOL

  4. woah…this is what I love about blogging, amazing ppls come and inspires me. thanks alia n lekays. =). to lekays, am all ok.dun wori. huhu

    alia, u know what, everytime i read ur posts i feels like I’m screaming words by words. i think, that’s the effects of blog-bitching..huhu.. just read ur post bout anime in japan. totally agree with u. theehehe

    Mari kita belajar bahasa Inggeris bersama-sama! correct me if am wrong occay~


    wooo..da takut kalau salah grammar, ada org observe..huhu =p

  5. 🙂 yurp.. Alia has a point there.. the key is, to practice the language.. i myself, not a fluent speaker of English. If given a choise between speaking and writing, i’d choose the latter. It depends on the person, whether he/she is a underuser, overuser or optimum user of monitors. (i assume that you know the Monitor Hypotheses) I am an overuser. That’s why i prefer writing rather than speaking. Sometimes i envy those who can speak well in English coz, speaking has so many advantages, primarily in social scale.

    So, the equation is :

    (blog + speak)English = better English speaking blogger… 🙂

  6. Didn’t expect my inane entries would give that much of an impression! I mainly blog to express, not to influence others. Hehe. What can I say la, I’m a natural born whiner. HAHA! So I guess that shows that I’m an adept blog-bitcher. LOL

    Yeah, good thing that you agree with me on the Anime culture! It’s so true isn’t it?! *rant rant rant*

    I guess I missed my English lit. lessons when I was in school/uni, because I have NO fricking idea what Monitor Theory thingymajic is. LOL

    I envy those who can speak English well too, mainly because I can’t. Har har har.

  7. The Japenese eat little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
    The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
    The Italians drink a lot of red wine and they, too, suffer fewer heart attacks than the Birtish or Americans.
    Conclusion: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.
    wahahaha… 😀

  8. cecima,

    What is your native language? Is it English?

    Also, how is your English nowadays?

    Do you get the chance to read widely in English? If so, has that improved your fluency?


    • Hye Lisa
      am an english teacher currently at a secondary school
      honestly am still learning..
      and sometimes i feel am not good enough to teach english..
      i have low self esteem to speak english with adults

      I read a lot to improve my vocab
      but i think i need to speak more to enhance my communication in english.


  9. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re doing the best you can and that’s what matters most. You can try using a site like Lang-8.com to meet native speakers.

    Also, a previous poster asked whether writing improves speaking. I believe that it does.

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