255.dum da di dum dum…

Just wanna share a small collection of songs for my schweety. Let me know which song that you think is BORRINGG… huhu. It’s ok. Everyone has their own taste in music. The list here is for those who wanna dedicate songs to their love ones cuz I always find a bit difficult to find one. Sharing is caring aite~

  • Be the girl – Aslyn
  • I could be the one – Donna Lewis
  • These are the moments – Edwin McCain
  • Stay With You – Goo Goo Dolls
  • Sparkle me – The Buffseeds
  • I me you I’m yours – Jim Noir
  • Corner of your heart – Ingrid Michaelson
  • I’m Falling even more in love with you – Lifehouse
  • Tonight, and the rest of my life – Nina Gordon
  • You Lift Me Up – Rachael Lampa
  • All I Have To Do Is Dream -The Everly Brothers
  • You Are My Joy – The Reindeer Section
  • You and Me Always Forever – The Wannadies

There you are. 13 all of them. My schweety don’t really like my type of genre. haha. But still I gave him all this. ( I saw him keep pressing NEXT -NEXT button on the steering) Owh I also added one song by Radiohead – Nude, just in case he didn’t like all songs above he still can listen to his fav band. 😉 Owh, usually I found this kinda songs from movie soundtrack. I learn english thru singing too~ Mari belajar bersama-sama! A blog by zaty that has malay-english translation for you to refer. kudos to you for the effort!

sori..jiwang nye aku.. lagi..haha


8 thoughts on “255.dum da di dum dum…

  1. byk jiwang nih… tp x lyn english songs sgt…
    the best english song…Stay The Same by Joey McIntyre…

  2. I guess I’m lucky to have a romantic boyfriend because he thinks You’re My Everything by Santa Esmeralda is romantic.

    I sendiri pon tak tau lagu romantik macam mana. Haha.

    I enjoy listening to Mika, but he doesn’t sebab he said Mika’s a foreign freak. LOL. I suka sebab lagu gembira berkaler kaler! Haha!

  3. Yeah2… dont know to rate English song, which romantic, and which not…
    Mayb dont know the true meaning of those songs, wa isk isk…

    I think it’s depend on people current mode (like to use mode than other suitable words ( º…º )… like cecima, she’s jiwang aloi… wahahaha

  4. alia, i just dloaded that song – woahhh..so sappy lah..hahaha…jiwang gile mr.dondon. =)..yerp, I luv Mika with his kalerful song! huhu

    congregate – LOL . “people with current mode”….haha

  5. jangan susah….cima ada kawan. ada masa sayapun jiwang juga.

    tapi buat masa ni…saya nak nyanyi lagu ini untuk cima…

    “mari lah mari..buat tag ini..tunaikanlah kewajipang..pada kengkawang…ten ten teren…(cima kena tag!)

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