CD packaging – Local artist

For this final project for Printing & Technology subject, I chose Atilia ( Nu-jazz/ R&B singer) for me to re-design her CD packaging. It’s a kind of slide in packaging where the booklet is situated on top of the CD slide. The concept taken is from a make-up packaging and feminine style where it is synonym with the beautiful character of Atilia. I made the box all by myself from the scratch. Pretty difficult to build it but after all I made it!

Already submitted this assignment and hoping that the marks will be as what I dream for. hihi.. Thanks kak Atilia for replying my msg at FB. And also thanks to your photographer – En. Halimi Saidi for giving me one of your image to be used in this project. Congrats to her for have won the best vid music award in AIM! You guys should buy her album. Very soothing especially Sangkar~

Her website –

Owh, the first picture above has been cut out a lil’ on top. in case you think it’s a bit odd. huhu =)


7 thoughts on “CD packaging – Local artist

  1. cool packaging.. keep up the good work.

    sori tadi kelam kabut..kalau plan kata nak jumpe..tak dak laa rizal terkejut2..tadi toleh2 ingat nak laa shoot gambar..tgk aikkk cecima nii dah hilang ngan kawan nyerr.. brief sangat encounter sampai tak sempat nak posing2 shoot gambar kerr apa..tak perrr lain kali …selamat maju jaya dalam pelajaran yerrr..chechewahh cam dulu2 pulak..

    have a great weekend..

  2. huhu… takut kacau je tadi tu yg terus balik. lambat pulak pegi fakulti tadi..sume dah packing..hopefully sem dpn ada lagi! buleh dpt bunge rotan lagi..huhu.. =)

    hanani – we never met before.just accidentally reached ur blog n it is sad to know that ur leaving UPSI..cewahh…happy teaching teacher!

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