My complete ATC's set

Maybe I’m a bit late to post about the swap thing that I did with other creative bloggers last 2 months I guess. So today here I’m going to share about my own ATC that I already sent to Cik Manggis. Occay, here it goes the description :

I used Newspaper, paper doilies and a piece of fabric to make this cards. The words from all 3 of the cards ” She designed a life she loved” is mainly about me who creates designs for living and hobbies. The polka-dot red fabric represent my love in sewing stuffs like bags, altering tees, crafting and so on. The 11 is simply the number that I love ( I was born on the 11th). The second card stated February is the month that always close to my heart, the month where I was born too. I love ice cream too! While the third card is about the love I have for interior decorating ( The Ikea Poang chair) and the green leaves are representing the environmentalist side of me. The 24 number in the box showed that I am 24yrs old this year. huhu.. The Newspaper and doilies are part of life where I wish that I’ll be working in publishing field someday like in Utusan or something. While doilies is something that really nice to look at is one of my fav collecting items.

So that’s all that I can share with all of you today. I will be going to Times Square today to attend the Flora Fest event there. Meet me if you’re goin’ there too! The next post is about the ATC that I got from Cik Manggis! Tungguuu…


2 thoughts on “My complete ATC's set

  1. Akhirnya, keluar jugak satu post tentang ATC.

    Hope you had a great holiday yaaa..

    btw, 2nd ATC swap is on. I am hosting. Please check my blog ya.. jom jom jom join kali kedua..tema tukar kali ni..tapi tema yang obvious..hehe

    happy blogging 🙂

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