Representing the environment

Just got back from minor class. My pregger’s dear lecturer was only in class for 1 hour. I salute her for being so tough and very understanding. Yesterday class, when she told us about her experiences in UK and the obstacles that she had to face made me drown in tear. She shared with us the time when her mom passed away on the day after her pHd graduation. The moment she wore the robe she didn’t even feel anything, but when she put on the hat…the feels of all she had been thru to achieve the doctorate came and made her felt so proud of herself. Sedih dengar cerita dia.. =(

Owh, back to the title above, my minor classmate said this green baju kurung looks nice ( because I seldom wear traditional clothes to class ). She said my bag looks like a leopard motif and quickly I said back ” this is me representing the environment – flora and fauna ). FYI, both above are thrifted!  huhu. I feels so goooood today ;-). Gotta get ready for doing some silk screen job this evening! bye2 buddies~


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