289.The Lost World trip report!

Last 16-19th August our photography class conducted by Encik Azlan ( Baba ) went on  a trip to the Lost World of Royal Belum @ Gerik, Perak. It was an amazing trip together with our other fellows seniors. Belum-Temengor is estimated to be as old as 130 million years, making it older than the jungle of the Amazon or Congo ( quoted from wiki wiki ). The first place that we visited was to see the Rafflesia, but sadly to say that the flower were not ready yet to bloom and the rest were already wilt. After that , we finally reached the camp site ( Under Jabatan Perhilitan ) and set up our own tents and get ready for Water Confident activity ( air tasek ni suam-suam kuku, tak sejuk as what I expected ).

Other activities other than snapping pics, were a visited to the Sungai Ruwoh Waterfall ( which is a very tough tracking I ever encountered with ), visiting Perkampungan Orang Asli (indigenous) Sungai Tiang (45minutes boat ride from the campsite) and Jungle tracking to Sira Gajah Sg. Papan ( animal’s salt licking point ).

Thanks to Allah for keeping us in a safe condition and nothing bad hapenned during this trip. All I can say is I really enjoyed this trip and cherished every moments I had with all the group members. I also wanted to say thank you to our co-ordinator – Pn.Mila Salima, En. Azlan, En.Hafiz for making my “experience of a lifetime” came true! Those 4 days & 3 nights was the best vacation & wilderness experience that I have ever had.  It couldn’t have been done without all you, team members!

I really hope all of this amazing Mother Nature treasures remain as it is. Together we preserve our Green Earth! For other images please visit my Flickr 😉 *muke kepenatan ( banyak darah kena gigit dek pacat ) adeii…. Royal Belum j’taime! Ami, Happy Belated Birthday!


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