309.Salam Eid Mubarak!

On second day of Hari Raya, cuddling lil’ munchkin. This is the only reason to take out my camera and shoot. Gambar raya? Not really necessary I guess. Baju raya biasa-biasa sahaja. No fancy kebaya ( sebab dah montel ), plus am not a kebaya fan ( more into kebarung ). Conservative? yes that’s me. hihi

Every Hari Raya i’ll wait for this little-cuties and I’ll be helping their moms munching on the eid’s delicacies happily without the disturbance of their lil’ ones cuz am happy to do that ( hey, bau mashamm dak2 kecik ni sgt la mententeramkan jiwa ) hihi..  This year was the hectic of all because I ended up having a flu+fever on the second raya ( mengemas rumah punye pasal ) 😉

Not to forget, my abah scold a few of the kids who came to beraya because when my abah start chatting with them, they started to talk nonsense and loyar buruk which annoyed us too. They didn’t knew abah was an ex-headmaster and making silly-jokes in front of him is a big no-no. Serve them right!. When my mom asked them the name of their headmister/headmaster, they said forgot lah, can’t recall the name lah and whatsoever. This made my mom upset because she herself is a headmister and knowing the students didn’t even know their headmaster/headmister name had made her sad about these young generations attitude. After that my abah / ibu didn’t  even bother if the kids nearby shouting ‘Assalamualaikum’ to come over for beraya. All they ever want is DUIT raya and asking my dad in an unpolite ways ” Nak duit raya, nak duit raya!”…sigh…

But the saddest of all, I received a news that our psychology classmates died because of dengue fever on the third of Eid.. He is kinda pious guy and I never saw him out without his songkok/kopiah. Eventho’ we’re not in a same faculty he’ll always stay in our heart and I hope he’ll rest in peace under Allah’s blessing. Alfatihah.

Howz ur eid?

Semalam kelas, rasa macam dia ada dalam kelas bukak pintu then duduk depan. sigh…


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