On the last 2oth of October, I had my microteaching session for my minor subject – TESL methodology. I wasn’t thought of doing my microteaching this early .*sigh*. Finding the right students to be my *students* is a difficult part because I was busy preparing for the exhibition and I forgot to complete my students list, and Alhamdulillah at least 6 of them turned up to my microteaching class.

For those of you who think that being a teacher is easy, you should think about it again. To design a Lesson Plan is the toughest of all. I was so tensed on thinking about what I’m going to teach referring to the courseware provided. Seriously, being a teacher is not as easy as u might think. ( Ibu and abah, thanks for being the most admiring teachers ever since I was born ! )

My lecturer for TESL methodology just delivered her new baby ( boy ). Congrats Dr. Raja Nor Safinas! Microteaching ended, gonna face more teaching session soon when i finally graduate!


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