The Annexe Arts Career Fair 2009!

*copied  from facebook annexe newsletter

DO YOU HAVE AN UNCONTROLLABLE DESIRE to express yourself? Is your imagination alive with stories, songs, images, movements, and movies you wish you could create? Are you restless for a life of passion?

The arts offer some of the most exciting and fulfilling career choices. While the tragic fates of artists make good fodder for Hollywood movies, the reality is that a career in the arts can be rewarding in ways both tangible and intangible. From visual artist to jazz singer, Bharanatyam dancer to film director, gallery curator to art critic, the arts industry offers a cosmic explosion of career opportunities for everyone who has ever felt at home in the company of the expressive and the talented.

Here at The Annexe Gallery, we actively support and encourage the development of creative and expressive youths who are interested in the arts and the role of the arts in the country. In recognition of this youthful potential, The Annexe Gallery and Central Market proudly presents LIVE YOUR PASSION! The Annexe Arts Career Fair 2009, our inaugural arts career and education fair on the weekend of Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar, 11am – 6pm.

This event is ideal for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS who are contemplating a career in the arts and also PARENTS who are curious about employment and education opportunites for their artistic children.

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LIVE YOUR PASSION: The Annexe Arts Career Fair 2009
Arts Career and Education Fair & Talks
Presented by The Annexe Gallery & Central Market

Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar, 2009
Admission Free

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Find out about the arts courses at LIVE YOUR PASSION! The arts institutions that will have information booths include:

  1. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  2. Universiti Malaya (UM)
  3. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM)
  4. International College Of Music (ICOM)
  5. New Era College
  6. Sunway University
  7. Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), and more.

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Come and hear some of Malaysia’s best arts practitioners talk about their life, passion and career in the arts. Be wowed by some amazing dance, music and theatre performances, and screenings of films by arts students.



11am – MUSIC FORUM: Sean Ghazi, Saidah Rastam, Ahmad Muriz Che Rose
12.30pm – Music performances by students
3pm – THEATRE FORUM: Jit Murad, Anne James, Fahmi Fadzil
4.30pm – Theatre performances by students


11am – DANCE FORUM: Joseph Gonzales, Pat Ibrahim, Mew Chang Tsing, Umesh Shetty
12.30pm – Dance performances by students
2.00pm – FILM FORUM: Yasmin Ahmad, Lina Tan
3.30pm – Film screenings
4.30pm – VISUAL ART FORUM: Sharon Chin, Beverly Yong

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1. SEAN GHAZI – Singer, actor (Won AIM Best New Artiste for his solo album “Semalam” released in 2007; Acted in “P Ramlee The Musical”, staged at Istana Budaya in 2007)
2. AHMAD MURIZ CHE ROSE– Conductor, Composer, Saxophonist, Music Director (Petronas Performing Arts Group)
3. SAIDAH RASTAM – Composer (“M The Opera”, staged at Istana Budaya in 2006; Commissioned to compose for “Spirits” by the Singapore Arts Festival in 2005)

1. JIT MURAD – Actor, playwright (Goldrain & Hailstone, Spilt Gravy on Rice – Best English Script at Boh Cameronian Arts Awards)
2. ANNE JAMES – Actor (Best Actor at BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2003)
3. FAHMI FADZIL – Actor, director, presenter (Mandarin Oriental Fan of the Arts Ward for Most Promising Artist at BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2006)

1. JOSEPH GONZALES – Choreographer, ASWARA Head of Dance (Artseefartsee Cross Cultural Champion of the Arts Award 2007)
2. MEW CHANG TSING – Choreographer, Dancer, Dance Curator (Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Dance 2003)
3. PAT IBRAHIM – Choreographer (Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical)
4. UMESH SHETTY – Dancer, choreographer (6 times award winner at Boh Cameronian Arts Award)

1. YASMIN AHMAD – Film Director (Of critically and commercially acclaimed films “Sepet”, “Gubra” and “Mukhsin”; Releasing her new film “Talentime” in 2009)
2. LINA TAN – Film & TV Producer (Of Red Communications, producer for “Gol & Gincu”, “KAMI” and the 3R TV series)

Visual Art
1. JAILANI ABU HASSAN – Leading contemporary painter and art educator
2. BEVERLY YONG – Art Curator, Director of RogueArt (art consultancy), formerly managing director of Valentine Willie Fine Art
3. SHARON CHIN – Visual artist (Graduate of Victoria School of Art, Australian High Commission Residency)

Daymn! I had to attend Kursus Kahwin on the same day…owh my….


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