Mural For The Library Initiative


Mural in library- this is an interesting idea that has been developed in our school long ago, but the Americans ( The Pentagram ) makes it more interesting by adding distinctive kinda touch to their library. This attempt makes the children are eager to visit the library and automatically increase the reading habit among them. In Malaysia, the murals are also being practic in school’s library, but it always ended up to be like a museum mural kind of thing and it doesn’t  really makes the children interested in staying longer in the library.

I hope for those teachers-to-be and current teachers in Malaysia will start to think out of the box and try to practice this kinda murals on their school library. Maybe for those who are going to practicum ( especially you , IKOKO! )can impress the school that they attend by redecorating the library into something extraordinaire~ I wish all of you who are going to practicum on this coming semester to be  full-prepared,full of energy and knowledge in  mind and please make UPSI proud!

Credit to The Pentagram Team, my Most inspired-brain designer of all – Michael Beirut via Pentagram. Last image via Kansas City Public Library.

Other kewl reference about library technology, usability and design – Walking Paper


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