Pendidikan Seni berasaskan Budaya

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles as mention by our Prof  was a passionate scholar of Malay culture has gathered 6years of collections about Malay’s culture,manuscripts and other valuables items. But all of that had been demolished when Fame (the ship) caught on fire on the way back to England on 1824. Our precious culture also vanished at the same time.

During my previous class -Curiculum of Visual Art Education by Prof. Iberahim Hassan, I learned that the adaptation of multi-racial culture of Malaysia in PSV Lesson Plan is important to retain the culture from being forgotten. I found out normally in PSV class activities, the only culture being practice is the Malay culture. I think this is unfair for the other 2 main races of Malaysian.

Batik, Ukiran and tembikar are obviously came from the Malay culture. We have enough syllabus about all these and there is no wrong if we reconstruct the PSV Lesson Plan to make sure all the culture of  Malay, India and Chinese to be adapt in it. If  I am 16 again, I wish I can learn about others culture eventhough it’s in PSV class because during my school years, the students are 90% Malays . I really envy my sister who have lots of other races-buddies and  I love to see them learning  together in one class.

The KPM should rethink about this and try to make a difference so that our generations can respect each other and separating the boundaries between the culture. Maybe we can start to learn making   ‘Tanglung’  or ” Kolum” in class after this  =)

Today’s info : Penyandang Kerusi Za’ba merangkap Pengarah Institut Peradaban Melayu UPSI  ialah Profesor Emeritus Datuk Dr. Asmah Haji Omar. ( which Prof. Iberahim Hassan asked us during class just now )


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