..tapi kena balik kampung esok..



invitation from aneem via sens-or

4 thoughts on “..tapi kena balik kampung esok..

  1. ina, ni actually party cum design exhibition.
    bukan party as what the ‘party’ means

    this is one of the event organized by KL Design Week -KLDW.Kalau pegi pun just nak dpt exposure pasal latest design updates n meet outstanding designers.

    nothing to be weird of dear…huhu

  2. hoho.. org bukan fikir pasal party “gitu2” la cima..
    🙂 orang cuma tatau.. apa jenis exhibition nye ni..
    😛 tu yang “erk” tu.. mau penjelasan gituh.. sbb kita tatau sebenornya..😀

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