Shortfilm asgt : The Missing Piece


For Computer Aided Design subject this semester, we had to form a group for shortfilm assignment. Started from several research I then develop it to thumbnails  and my group member Zacheus drew the sketches.


After a few consultation  with En.Aziz Zalay-the lecturer, he was kindly enough to share his  ideas on how to improve our thumbnails before starting the shortfilm shooting.set3

Thanks to my Pakcu for letting us to use the house as one of our shooting location. And thanks too Angah for  the  Kuey Tiow! =). Back to reality – editing in progress ( After Effects / Adobe Premiere / what ever )


3 thoughts on “Shortfilm asgt : The Missing Piece

  1. wow..
    who’s editing it?
    using premiere n after effcts?
    got effects kat dlm shrtfilm tu?

    you guys shot using what camera?
    napa x panggil i?
    gila gian nak buat film dah ni…
    gear dah agak mantap.. cuma x da ruang nak ekspresss…

    wish to see the final product.

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