Cecima at hush hush


ALhamdulillah, I got the opportunity to be one of the Secretlab gangs as an intern on the last semester holiday. It really meant a lot to me. I learned to enhance my InDesign skills here with the help of Mr.AkDon Champi and En.Azizi. Tenkiu3! All of the crews are really helpful and baik hati lah. huhu. Really honored to be here sebab dapat belajar dengan mereka yang power2 dan power rangers. huhu


ketam merah vs naga putih

Time kasih boss sbb belanja kami  Pizza, Beriyani gam and tengok Transformers and macam2 lagi. Panjang umur kita jumpa lagi ye.

adex dan ketam merah

adex dan ketam merah

Mereka dia atas : En.Azizi, En.Azrai, Abg Hasni, Abg Mel, Abg Zali, Abg Lan, adex, reen, aween, chumel, zita and Kak Ina from Secretlab Media, Equinne.

Reen-chan, miss you too! ~~

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