Kaplan Uni Inspiring Ad

Kaplan University  had this really inspiring spot about how they bring education to you, wherever you are.

They used one of those desks we had in high school in lots of cool locations as a metaphor to prove us that education can be reach whenever we are, anytime , anywhere. I got goosebump each time I watch this video. Same thing happenned when I watched UKM’s corporate video. Awesomeness!

Actually my minor class lecturer , Ms. Hasimah Ja’afar is now trying to get us into a new kind of learning practice through technology. We’ve already started our discussion online in YM ( I think many of other Uni’s mates been using the same way too 😉 ). It’s a CHANGE that she want to develop in each of us, to be a new generation of educators that keep abreast  with the technology and all things fancy.

“we’re not dealing with machine, we’re dealing with humans”


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