Master of Design // HERBERT MATTER

Swiss born Herbert Matter is largely credited with expanding the use of photography as a design tool and bringing the semantics of fine art into the realm of applied arts.

Herbert Matter, Swiss photographer and graphic designer, is the author of the most emblematic modern Swiss photographic posters. In 1936 Herbert Matter emigrated to the US, where he worked as a photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Baazar. During the second world war he was commissioned by the US government to design propaganda posters. In 1944, he became the design consultant at Knoll, molding its graphic identity for over 12 years. In 1952, he joined the Yale faculty as professor of photography and graphic design.

known for his pioneering use of photomontage in commercial art.

I just learn about Herbert Matter. His photomontage approach inspires me to use it in my design works. Perhaps after the movie is being release, I will try to arrange with my fellow mates to have a movie hour at our Faculty theaterette. Maybe watching this kind of movie can be our weekly activity for the next semester. who knows? huhu.

via HerbertMatter


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