Zulkifli Yusoff

This is a short documentary about Malaysian most prolific artist, Zulkifli Yusoff, our lecturer in UPSI.

Part of the footage were the same as my pictures I took last year in Tanjung Malim. 🙂

filmed in Tanjung Malim Perak August 2010
music by Space Gambus Experiment
translation by Nur Hanim Khairuddin
cinematographer: Syaiful Jangguttouch
directed by Kamal Sabran
produced by National Art Gallery Malaysia

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 53rd National Day Celebrations on 31 st August 2010, the National Art Gallery is proud to present ‘NEGARAKU’, a special solo exhibition by Zulkifli Yusof. the theme ‘NEGARAKU’ aims to restore the nostalgic spirit for peace and revive patriotism among those who come to witness his artwork… at galleries 2A and 2B.

‘NEGARAKU’ will showcase Zulkifli Yusoff’s latest artwork, from painting, mixed media… works to installation. This exhibition serves as a catharsis of sort for the artist who fondly remembers the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for our independence ,the news regarding the various economic sectors in broadcast, the song of patriotism that brought back memories with his father and also the pride and joy shared by every citizen when Malaya finally achieved its independence.

He recalls in his youth how he was surrounded by the wonderful landscapes of flora and fauna which unfortunately, like ‘Bunga Raya’ once celebrates as the National Flower, has now lost its metaphor.

This exhibition holds great hope for the artist, that by sharing his wonderful experiences as a child of the independence, its historic relevance, his personal memories, it will open eyes and the hearts of the audiences to the great potential and promise that lays ahead for us all as we celebrate our nation’s 53rd National Day.

excerpt from Kamal Sabran Youtube page. Bravo Prof Zulkifli!


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