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Alhamdulillah dapat jugak melawat ami di Hospital Ampang semalam. Thanks bebanyak kat sahabat tersayang –  Wywyn and adik dia sebab bawak cecima sekali gi melawat ami. Kitorang masak spaghetti kat umah awin and lunch sesama kat wad ami, main Turbanize kat Ipad2 ami and giggling how weird and big  it is to snap pictures using that gadjet. huhu.  owh, Yuna bawak banyak sangat magazines untuk ami. How sweet~ Hopefully kami dapat ceriakan ami.  Sekejap pun takpe la.

Dear ami,

I was totally in shocked and speechless when I read that relapsed entry. Sorry for I can’t express my own feeling on that time. I sincerely don’t know how to  build a suitable nice words to show you how much I understand your situation on that early moment. And I’m so sorry if  I don’t talk much yesterday at the ward, cuz deep inside I can feel your pain and sadness to go thru all the medical treatments, therefore I scared that I’ll burst into tears in front of you. I don’t want it to happen, especially in front of you. At this stage, my emotions tend to burst easily…

Just wanna let you know that I love you my dear friend. I really3x hope that ur cancer will cure soon and you’ll be back as healthy as you are before. I want my mini-me to play smurf , angry bird, slash2 buah ngan aunty ami using  her Ipad2. I will always pray for you ami.always.As lame and boring as it seems, but still I want you to keep fighting and strong to fight this cancer. Always believe in miracles that you wish for to be happen in your life. May all of it be the  medium for you to stay stronger body and soul. ❤

Syukur sangat-sangat dapat jugak jumpa ami before this week end. Enche ( mak ami )  pun ada jugak semalam. cecima cecimot sayang odie (  nama manja ami masa form 3 )

pics above masa kenduri doa selamat ami at her place last early April.

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