I think most students nowadays failed to see what we teachers are doing. I’m extremely upset today when I heard so many complaints about my class. How they disrespected their teachers by teasing and mocking them. How they PROUDLY said that “we paid you” to a teacher.

Of course, you paid the school’s fees and at the end of the months, we teachers get our small salary. Yes, we’re paid to teach you

 and we are not your parents. We don’t give money or buy stuffs for you.But get this, we are doing what your parents can’t do. We EDUCATE and prepare you for the world and future that awaits and yes, we do it WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

Teachers don’t expect to get presents from our students. We never dreamt of being featured in the front cover of Time magazine, but respect and kind words are enough, dear students.


quoted from fb status : Azielahaneem Idris / Visual Art Teacher

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