Dear baby, my miracle

2june 2011

The clock is ticking.. I dreamt about you again last night dear baby..
I decided that you have to call me ‘ibu’ as what I call my own mom ( your grandma )
Another 2 days, and hopefully we’ll me FTF. Can’t wait to see you my lil tiny mini-me. Last 2 days I dreamt that I saw your full body, someone is carrying you. You wore stripey romper, kinda like 3months old, looking at me. How beautiful to seeing you being healthy like that. And last night I dreamt again of you. The moment when the contractions begin and I can feel the pain each time my tummy begin to shake like crazy. It was you dearie, sending signals that you can’t wait to see the world I guess. I woke up after that feeling uncomfortable and got back to sleep again. And I saw you again in my dream. I saw your cutey face, and holding your curly hair. Yes, you have a curly hair just like me, your ibu. And you smile back.

Last 2months me and your abah went to a clinic to see you for the first time. Was wondering how you look like inside my tummy. At first you’re covering yourself with your tiny2 lil hands, malu kot ye? Masa tu baby garu-garu telinga. Doctor tunjuk baby punye tangan nampak chubby. Love you.. And still you didn’t let us to see your face. We went out to have a walk for 10minutes and came back hoping to see your face. Alhamdulillah, you let us see you even in the short time. All I wanted is you’ll be healthy and perfect as a baby.

We’re still not sure whether you are a girl or boy. The scan result showed that you’re a girl. But only God knows. We’ll wait for the real day soon to confirm you gender, ok baby?

Introducing my little munchkin.. Zareen Akhtar. Above is something that I wrote for her 7days before she was borned. She is  now 19 months and looks exactly as what I dreamt of before. I love you baby and I cherish everyday playing, hugging, cuddling, singing, rambling, eating and all things that we do together.

Happy Mini Me!


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