Where to after SPM?

I can see nowadays among the recently-received-SPM-result students ended up not knowing where to continue after SPM even though their schools had conducted educational seminars. I guess everything went from one ear to another

So children, fret not…here’s the institution that you can apply if you think that your result is not good enough to apply IPTA.

Untuk adik-adik yang tak berapa mampu, disyorkan apply institusi2 di atas. Kalau dah takde kursus yang minat dalam semua institusi2 ni baru la survey private colleges mcm Cosmopoint ke..KLMU ke.. Tapi institut2 under kerajaan ni kursusnya bagus-bagus jugak. Don’t underestimate them ok. PLease students don’t just stop your level of education on SPM cert. Find a way before its too late.

GOOD LUCK and all the best!


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