Remembering Ami….

Naz posted this song at fb and Ami’s smiles quickly went across my mind…

Ami used to be my BFF during form 1- form 3 at SEMESTI. We went through together all the ups and down during our teenage years. I was there in front of her when the news broke from our warden that her father had died.  still remember her face at that time. Baanyak sangat kenangan dengan dia. Lari2 balik prep malam, stay up kat bilik study, gi outing sama2, escape PJ berjemaah.. etc.

She has been a great friend of mine. Shared secrets, laughters and sadness of our school life.


Ami, this is my second entry for you..[ read previous ] . I still can’t forgive myself for being the last to know the day u were gone. My phone was left at my in law’s place and being me, I never bothered to take it from there and it shocked me when it happenned..:( I knew the news after my mom went back from her office. I was there at the kampung at that time.. Rasa sangat ralat sbb kalau tau awal I will be the first to wait you from there..

Tak jangka ami nak pergi secepat ni…….

Ami, I really hope u left us in Husnul Khatimah after all the deeds that u have done all these while during your fought with the cancer. Sorry for I can’t be there during your last day. But at least we’ve met during Dora’s kenduri and we managed to catch up with each other. You looked glowing that night as far as I can recall. Tak nampak pun Ami sakit.

You’ve been a real fighter ami. Even me myself can’t bear with all the pain u’ve been through. Semoga sakit itu menghapuskan dosamu sahabat.

Ami, you’re still in our hearts..miss you so much~


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