me babbles


  • Typical muslim lady
  • That wannabe the extraordinary
  • Love the nature that surrounded me
  • Seeing the blue clouds soothe me – a lot
  • Lil chat with the kids makes me happy..makes me smile too =)
  • I adore Steve McCurry
  • I listens to Ingrid Michaelson
  • Wish am the next Martha Stewart or Holly_decor8
  • To be a crafty-stay-at-home mom is one of my dream

Those who dropped here, please pray that I will  be given a chance to do Umrah and Hajj at least once in my life. Tq in advance! 🙂


16 thoughts on “me babbles

  1. hello there(: thanks for hopping by my blog yeah?! and hari raya?! now?! soooo darn cool! haha. trying to reminisce the past eh?! LOL.

    anyways, i hope i can get to know more about ya! keep in touch and cool blog you have here! shall talk to you soon eh?! kirim salam orang2 pat malaysia tau?! hehe.

    and i miss malaysia already! gahhhs.

  2. huhu,actually am searching for points to write a public speaking for my aunty (she’s currently in training – police inspector ).. funny eh and i stumbled on ur blog accidentally … keep contacted!

  3. i am impressed by your creative ideas especially your design for dadih. i am ready to discuss your service of design and creative touch on my products for dadih. hope we can cooperate well. please call me at 013-3855377- jee

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