Handmade laptop case

Made this on my last semester break for my cousin. Recycled from our own clothes using brocade and corduroy fabric . Glad the finishing put a smile on my face.

” Tengs 4 d lovely laptop casing.its really nice + cutie. i like it .. ; ) –Natrah , my cousin



Representing the environment

Just got back from minor class. My pregger’s dear lecturer was only in class for 1 hour. I salute her for being so tough and very understanding. Yesterday class, when she told us about her experiences in UK and the obstacles that she had to face made me drown in tear. She shared with us the time when her mom passed away on the day after her pHd graduation. The moment she wore the robe she didn’t even feel anything, but when she put on the hat…the feels of all she had been thru to achieve the doctorate came and made her felt so proud of herself. Sedih dengar cerita dia.. =(

Owh, back to the title above, my minor classmate said this green baju kurung looks nice ( because I seldom wear traditional clothes to class ). She said my bag looks like a leopard motif and quickly I said back ” this is me representing the environment – flora and fauna ). FYI, both above are thrifted!  huhu. I feels so goooood today ;-). Gotta get ready for doing some silk screen job this evening! bye2 buddies~

241.Handmade cloth pads

Don’t believe me? huhu. I was so glad to find about this handmade cloth pad. Yeah, I guess some of you thinks that this is a bit yucky or unacceptable, but actually by practicing this you are part of the peoples on this world that reducing the trash percentage. So at the same time you’re one of the earth saviour! huhu.. Hey, give it a try and maybe after a period of time you’ll realize that you actually saving your money from buying pads too!

via burdastyle / more tutorial here

A Benefit Show for the Environment

Quoted :

OPEN SPACE has asked 125 artists from around the world to donate their time and talent to this cause in the form of custom-designed tote bags. The bags will be on display and available to purchase at OPEN SPACE from April 12th thru May 3rd and will also exist on this site during and after the show for all to see and purchase.

Erica Hauser

August Heffner

Starla Petersen

The average family brings home 1,000 plastic bags every year. It is time for us to switch from a disposable society to one which reduces, reuses and recycles. This show will help spread the message that we care about our planet and do not want to just consume until there is nothing left.

My words – Please consider to bring your own bag while shopping / say no to plastic bags and together we save the environment. I just saw a chinese girl at the restaurant brought her own tiffin carrier to tapau the foods. You go girl~. I want my own tiffin carrier too!

140.Crochet rug by emily kircher

I found this beautiful rugs via ARTvsCRAFT and I am so glad that this cute rugs inpired me today. Emily Kircher is a recycling artist who crocheted this rug with yarn and hand-cut from salvaged fabric. She collected the fabric from thrift stores, washed it, and cut them up into strips that she used to crochet this rug. Isn’t it brilliant ideas to recycle? She also take order for custom color for your house. yeay, a very stylish rug for your home!

71.My first 4 attempt on sewing clutches!

You know, I love every bags from Flowerdrum by Rina Matsui. Her creation inspired me a lots and from that I learn by myself sewing bags, clutches and many more to come via the hundreds of tutorial from the internet. But I thank Flowerdrum for being my inspiration all these days. What I love about sewing is I can make my own creation and free to do my own design onto the fabrics. I love nice fabrics especially batik!

I will make more bags during my next semester break and I promise to myself to improve my sewing skill to make clothes for my own. yeay~

I already got few orders to sew some Hobo Bags in bigger measurement from my buddies, and I’ll post the picture of it soon! Any good fabrics to donate? theeehehe…