When sea levels attack

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owh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend! you know who you are.. 🙂 Accidentally found this. Kewl!

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAYYYY!! your’e getting older, in fact all of us are getting older but let’s stay HAPPY like the moment our mom and dad saw us on the very first day of our born day!

cecima still lives in imaginary fairy tales 😉 fyi

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116. Very useful Ejawi converter! very suke la saya!

كجاڤ لاڬي ساي نق ڤرڬي كلس ڤدڬوڬي.


كليك دسيني اونتوق ڤنوكرن دري رومن ك جاوي

I used to be very good in writing jawi. But now, It’s been a while I am not using my jawi skills for good. I loved my childhood sekolah agama because my ustaz tought me in writing arabic calligraphic which I was one of a good students that time. ngee.. How I miss my Ustaz Majid. I will make sure he’ll be one of my saksi on the day of my solemnization some day. =}