Mural For The Library Initiative


Mural in library- this is an interesting idea that has been developed in our school long ago, but the Americans ( The Pentagram ) makes it more interesting by adding distinctive kinda touch to their library. This attempt makes the children are eager to visit the library and automatically increase the reading habit among them. In Malaysia, the murals are also being practic in school’s library, but it always ended up to be like a museum mural kind of thing and it doesn’t  really makes the children interested in staying longer in the library.

I hope for those teachers-to-be and current teachers in Malaysia will start to think out of the box and try to practice this kinda murals on their school library. Maybe for those who are going to practicum ( especially you , IKOKO! )can impress the school that they attend by redecorating the library into something extraordinaire~ I wish all of you who are going to practicum on this coming semester to be  full-prepared,full of energy and knowledge in  mind and please make UPSI proud!

Credit to The Pentagram Team, my Most inspired-brain designer of all – Michael Beirut via Pentagram. Last image via Kansas City Public Library.

Other kewl reference about library technology, usability and design – Walking Paper


My complete ATC's set

Maybe I’m a bit late to post about the swap thing that I did with other creative bloggers last 2 months I guess. So today here I’m going to share about my own ATC that I already sent to Cik Manggis. Occay, here it goes the description :

I used Newspaper, paper doilies and a piece of fabric to make this cards. The words from all 3 of the cards ” She designed a life she loved” is mainly about me who creates designs for living and hobbies. The polka-dot red fabric represent my love in sewing stuffs like bags, altering tees, crafting and so on. The 11 is simply the number that I love ( I was born on the 11th). The second card stated February is the month that always close to my heart, the month where I was born too. I love ice cream too! While the third card is about the love I have for interior decorating ( The Ikea Poang chair) and the green leaves are representing the environmentalist side of me. The 24 number in the box showed that I am 24yrs old this year. huhu.. The Newspaper and doilies are part of life where I wish that I’ll be working in publishing field someday like in Utusan or something. While doilies is something that really nice to look at is one of my fav collecting items.

So that’s all that I can share with all of you today. I will be going to Times Square today to attend the Flora Fest event there. Meet me if you’re goin’ there too! The next post is about the ATC that I got from Cik Manggis! Tungguuu…

Vector attempt

ngee.. I know..I know ..this is so not a good vector. I did this last 2 years and the above kid is my cousin -Ebi. Vector is not that difficult but you have to have sharp eyes and patience or perhaps passion. huhu. This is the come out when you ( or is that me? hihi ) din’t have enough PATIENCE. But it’s a fun stuff to do because the moment when you finish the artwork you’ll feel the infinity of excitement when seeing your work. Try it!

Other vector artworks by my friend – aneem ( kudos to aneem..yeay!)

The box doodles

Stumbled upon this site while browsing for packaging design. Great to find this because this idea is one of the creative way to produce your brilliant ideas onto boxes that many of us think it’s useless after we opened it. Thus in the same time you’re preserving the planet earth. It just as simple as this and without you don’t even realize you finally producing a talented artworks and let’s show it to the world via this project. Click on the link and you can create your own box doodles too, online!

You can view the exhibition that they made here at berlin. And below is my doodle! huhu…i know..i know am not that good in doodling. =p

credits to all of the site mention above!