lil chibbi in wonderland

Mini photoshoot I did last 2 months I guess for my final advertising assignment. This are the teasers for the campaign ( Exclusive Breastfeeding campaign ). Did the shooting at Taman Tasek Perdana, KL

My fav lil’ chibbi always there for me. Thank you adik. Cecima lebiu dear chibbi.



keep playing the kids version all day long! cuteyyyy!!

64 things that makes me smile!

I  typed 10things that make me smile, and voila here it was , the internet gave me 100! How lucky I am today 😉 huhu..
So I copied all 100 and minus all those which not so similar to my personality and added few from my own deep thinking..There you are , my 64 kind of things that will and makes me smile.  Enjoy and start this counting with a smile!
  1. little smiling children. especially my chibbi!
  2. long walks. along the beach . in a park
  3. big hugs.
  4. happy music.
  6. photographs.
  7. memories.
  8. rain drops
  9. the ocean.
  10. furry animals.
  11. taking pictures.
  12. singing.
  13. happy endings.
  14. old people.
  15. trees.
  16. a good conversation.
  17. pretending.
  18. going away.
  19. water.
  20. embarrasing moments.
  21. vintage antiques.
  22. sweet dreams.
  23. tea
  24. adventures.
  25. i love yous.
  26. knowledge.
  27. simplicity.
  28. meeting someone new.
  29. inspiring others.
  30. happy tears.
  31. things that sparkle.
  32. reunions.
  33. laughing babies.
  34. good outcomes.
  35. optimism.
  36. new chapters in life.
  37. being held tight.
  38. unplanned explorations.
  39. acoustic songs.
  40. change.
  41. art.
  42. unusual objects.
  43. a first kiss.
  44. watching strangers.
  45. running.
  46. imagination.
  47. best friend.
  48. curly hair.
  49. writing.
  50. my mom.
  51. exceeded expectations.
  52. surprises.
  53. tire swings.
  54. my complicated old man
  55. dancing.
  56. doing things because i can.
  57. dressing up.
  58. having fun.
  59. blue clouds
  60. books
  61. fabrics
  62. being crafty!
  63. my own version of mini-me
  64. dear miracle! 😉

Barbie of mine


cecima : adik, adik besar nanti nak jadi ape?

chibbi : a..a..a..adik ( gagap dibuat2) nak, nak, nak jadi….aaaa….rama-rama! jadi…

cecima : adik taknak jadi cikgu ke, polis ke?

chibbi : tak nak, adik nak jadi barbie, kak ima jadi rama-rama lah , adik jadi barbie, ok?

310509 =)

The princess in my heart


The only princess that makes me happy. PUTRI HUMAIRAH. Tengokla dia posing. kemain… huhu..Ada sesapa berminat untuk model iklan? Dak kecit ni posing bagi kat dia je sume. huhu..

Taken last weekend lepas main nyorok-nyorok ngan dia. huhu. Bile nyuruk dalam almari nampak kaki comel dia. Bile suruh cecima nyuruk, tak jumpe pulak sampai sudah suruh ibu dia kat dapur cari sekali ( dengan apron2 sesama cari cecima). Cubit adik ni kang aa.. =)

Nanti cecima datang lagi, kita baca buku sesama ye adik, main set2 tom2, dancing2, kemas2 toys adik…. ok? Miss you chibbi bucuk masham…

Mural For The Library Initiative


Mural in library- this is an interesting idea that has been developed in our school long ago, but the Americans ( The Pentagram ) makes it more interesting by adding distinctive kinda touch to their library. This attempt makes the children are eager to visit the library and automatically increase the reading habit among them. In Malaysia, the murals are also being practic in school’s library, but it always ended up to be like a museum mural kind of thing and it doesn’t  really makes the children interested in staying longer in the library.

I hope for those teachers-to-be and current teachers in Malaysia will start to think out of the box and try to practice this kinda murals on their school library. Maybe for those who are going to practicum ( especially you , IKOKO! )can impress the school that they attend by redecorating the library into something extraordinaire~ I wish all of you who are going to practicum on this coming semester to be  full-prepared,full of energy and knowledge in  mind and please make UPSI proud!

Credit to The Pentagram Team, my Most inspired-brain designer of all – Michael Beirut via Pentagram. Last image via Kansas City Public Library.

Other kewl reference about library technology, usability and design – Walking Paper

HDR first attempt

Originally uploaded by cecimaginary

Thanks angah for sharing the tutorial with me =) . So here is my first HDR attempt. And below is the original image. Feel free to comment. occay~

These are the kids from prasekolah at Sek.Keb Perlok, Sungkai which I attended my ROS I last month. Such a sweet experience to be surrounded with kids everyday ;-). More pics to come soon!